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 Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Company

We service the entire Tampa area for all of your dryer vent cleaning needs!

  • Is your dryer taking a couple of cycles to get the clothes dry? 
  • Is your dryer vent sensor indicating an air flow blockage? 
  • Are the clothes very hot when you open the door to check if they are dry?  
  • Are they hot and still damp?  
  • Is the outside of the dryer very hot to the touch?
  • Are you finding a lot of dryer lint/dust on the surfaces of your laundry room?

If you are running into any of these issues, your dryer vent is probably due for a cleaning.  Do not wait on this very important maintenance issue for the safety of your home and your family.  Do not become a dryer vent fire statistic.  If you don't hire us for this service, please hire someone that uses the approved cleaning method that we use (negative pressure vacuum with mechanical rotary brush agitation).  There are many ways to do a cleaning, so please make sure your dryer vent cleaner is doing it the right way.  Contact us to get in touch and schedule your service.  We'll get back to you to set up a service appointment day and time that is most convenient to you.  

We are a locally owned, and family operated business that has been servicing the Tampa Area for over 24 years.  Our priority is providing you with the very best customer service, support, education, and dryer vent cleaning you can find in Tampa, FL. 

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