Providing A Total Solution To Your Dryer Vent System!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our dryer vent cleaning is the approved method for the Nation's Premier Duct Cleaning Association.  We use a negative pressure vacuum that pulls on the dryer vent duct, while simultaneously mechanically agitating the vent with a rotary brush system.  Our brush system will navigate the entire length of your dryer vent (up to 40 feet), and can also navigate 90 degree turns in the duct.  Our system will be sure to extract all of the vent lint out of your dryer vent so your dryer can work more efficiently and you can sleep safer at night knowing your dryer is running exactly per the specifications that the manufacturer intended.  A more efficient working dryer will not only pose less of a fire risk, but it will save you time on your drying time which in turn will help save you money on your electric bill.  We've heard of dry times being cut down by as much as 45-60 minutes.  Multiply that by the number of times you do laundry, and considering that you are using red hot coils in the dryer to do the drying (similar to an over's coil, and one of the highest energy consuming method's of any home appliance), you can easily see how you might probably pay for your dryer vent cleaning within the year in the savings to your electric bill.

We are a registered air conditioning contractor in the State of Florida.

We know our stuff!


Vent Transition Hose - "DryerFlex"

Apart from your dryer vent cleaning, the second most important part of your dryer system is the flexible transition hose that goes from the back of your dryer to the vent hole in the wall.  This flexible hose is typically made of a slinky foil material (and some are even made of plastic).  These transition hoses can easily become crushed by pushing the dryer back and from the vibrations of the machine.  A crushed or partially blocked transition hose restricts the air from moving out of the dryer.  This restriction can cause the same kind of issues that lint clogged in your vent can do.  In addition, the foil material that these hoses are made from will fail if the lint inside of them catches fire.  


The Only Fire AND Crush Resistant Transition Hose

This is NOT the same as the slinky foil you can buy at the big box stores!

 Super flexible, yet super strong and fire resistant.

  1. With a UL rating, DryerFlex will help protect against flame spread better than even semi-ridgid aluminum vent (where "slinky" foil hose fails completely). 
  2. Also, where semi-rigid aluminum vents will permanently crush easily and block air flow, DryerFlex hose maintains it's shape (and maintains airflow) even under a heavy load or vibration.

See the video below for a perfect illustration of both points above.

Dryer Alarm Monitor - "Lint Alert"

One of the main questions we get after we clean a dryer vent is "How long until I need to get it cleaned again?"  Our answer is always, "It depends on how much laundry you do during the week, if the type of clothing put in the dryer sheds a lot of lint, etc".  Typically we tell customers that an annual cleaning is best, but in order to provide them with real assurance as to whether their dryer is operating at peak performance, we have the option of installing a sensor called Lint Alert.  This is a flow monitor that will detect a pressure buildup (or blow-back) in the duct and using a series of lights (green/yellow/red) will indicate to you when it is time to call us out again to have your dryer vent cleaned again.  This way there is no guessing or apprehension on your part as to whether a cleaning is needed or not.